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Early Childhood Development:<br> Why are “Early Detection” and “Early Intervention” important?

Early Childhood Development:
Why are “Early Detection” and “Early Intervention” important?

Walking, running, talking, learning, and playing… Infants are not only growing by gaining weight and height, but also developing in many different areas.
When a child exhibits some delays or shows emotional and behavioral problems, many parents ask, “Are other children like this too? Should I wait it out?” Not all delays will naturally get resolved overtime. It is challenging to notice the signs especially if your child is the first born or an only child.
Early detection and early intervention are the safest approach to attend the unknown developmental problems of your child. Children’s brains are developing fast during the early childhood. If any delays are found and appropriate treatments are applied early on, it can significantly change your child’s quality of life.
Check the developmental indicators!

Check the developmental indicators!

Check the milestones!
Children’s development is a journey. Use this developmental map to follow up with the milestone.
If your child is not reaching the indicator, it might be a sign that there could be a possible delay.
Parents and the primary caregivers should know their children the best. If you see any delays or have any concerns, please reach out to talk to the experts. Sooner the better: Don’t Wait! KASEC: 562-926-2040
Early childhood signs of autism

Early childhood signs of autism

Early detection is the key to the developmental disability. If you see some of these symptoms, reach out to the specialists now.
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neurobiological developmental disorder in the brain, so the symptoms can be shown as early as 12months. Recently, a study found that the optimal time for autism diagnosis is 14-16 months (UCSD Autism Center Research Team, 2019). With more awareness, children receive diagnosis earlier than ever, however; there are still cases where the diagnosis is made to 5-6 year olds.

Do you have any questions about your child’s development?

In the United States, especially in California, the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) oversees the services related to developmental delays and disabilities. Children age under 3 can receive developmental evaluations and support through their local Regional Centers, and children older than 3 years old can receive necessary educational services through the public school system.
Korean American communities have been relatively marginalized form these developmental services due to lack of information and cultural/linguistic differences. To attend this discrepancy, KASEC has been providing early developmental screening services since 2012 in Orange County and LA County.

If you need developmental screening, consultations, and diagnosis,
please contact us for assistance.

* This page was funded with the California Department of Developmental Services(DDS) to inform the importance of early intervention of infants.