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KASEC provides developmental screening and expert diagnosis to help early detection of developmental disabilities and holds parental education seminars and workshops as well as ADHD/Learning disability consultation.

Developmental Screening

Early developmental screening tests
Early developmental screening tests are available 2-3 times a year for free of charge. It is designed for infants from 12 to 60 months and the experts from seven developmental areas (speech-language, social-emotional, gross and fine motor, vision, hearing, dental) offer professional screening and counseling. If there are any signs of abnormality or delay, we also offer resources to be connected to regional centers or proper services in school districts.

Developmental Disorder Evaluation & Diagnosis

from a pediatric development specialist
If you have concerns for developmental problems, such as delay in speech or social problem, or if you suspect some signs of autism, you can get a diagnosis from a pediatric development specialist. After conducting a full developmental evaluation, we offer follow-up consultation, advice for treatment, and educational suggestions.

ADHD and Learning Disability Consultation

Group or individual consultation sessions
If you need help with ADHD or learning disabilities, you can get professional consultation at KASEC. We provide parental counseling to establish adequate behavior control, daily routine, and learning skills, and we offer directions to receive additional medical advice and diagnosis if needed.

Ask the Expert

Q&A session with pediatric development specialists
At the beginning of each month, there is a free Q&A session with pediatric development specialists. It is offered for the parents who have questions or concerns about their children’s development.

Parenting Seminar

resource and parenting tips
We offer parenting seminars to provide multitude of resource and parenting tips. We invite experts in different fields to walk the parents through some practical information, profound understanding of developmental disabilities and educational treatment.

Mental Health Workshop

for parents and siblings
We provide mental health workshops for parents and siblings who have children with disabilities, in hopes of enlightening them with proper self-care methods and support